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Kutije za farmaceutsku industriju

These boxes are for packaging the primary medication. Their role is to protect the product, assure identification, present the product, and also provide protection against counterfitting and unlawful openning of the product. They are made of different types of carton.

It is regulated by law that pharmaceutical leaflet has to be present with every dosage of medication issued to the patient. This is a product that can be found in every box alongside the medication or it can be glued on the side of the medication (ie. On the side of the bottle or on the bottle cap).

Prehrambena industrija

The food packaging boxes are made from different types of carton and are made in all sorts of shapes and sizes which are dictated by the product for which they are intended. They are made of paper raw materials with excellent color adhesion.

Kutije iz valovitog kartona

For production of corrugated bord we use packaging paper. Therefore, the quality and use of packaging box made of corugated board depends on the quality of packaging paper used for corrugated board production. The basic characteristics of corrugated board is its multi-layered construction. Between two flat sheets of paper (liner) there is a corrugated „wave“ (fluting). The liner is glued to the fluting layer to create the product.

Ostali proivodi

Stickers, decals, books, brochures, maps, catalogues, calendars, writting blocks, paper bags, posters, invitations, bussiness cards etc.


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