Offset printing technology

The printing department at Lana is based on offset printing technology with convetional and UV paints and varnishes.

The machines include:

  • Offset printing machines Roland and Heidelberg
  • Total 38 printing units with 5 varnishes units

Carton finishing department

Carton finishing department incorporates automatic production with following machines:

  • 8xB1 diecutting and stripping machines
  • Gluing machines with on-line braille’s letter printing option and 100 percent qualitiy control of each box.

Book binding department

The bookbinding department is based on automatic production and is it able to perform the most complicated forms of medicla leaflet folding on the specialized machines made by GUK.
  • Over 10 folding machines
  • The Company can produce folded outserts up to 322 panels!